External access

If you want to stream via an external profile over the Internet, the premium version is required to create a second profile.

To access the server from the Internet, the server must be accessible via the Internet. Since IP addresses normally change, you should use a provider for dynamic IP addresses (dyndns.org, twodns.de ...) to access the receiver via a hostname.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Create dynamic hostname and enter it in the router so that it is updated (e.g. example.dynvpn.de)
  • In the firewall of the router the port of the web interface must be enabled:
    • If your receiver can be reached internally under the IP address and https is activated (recommended), then set the firewall release of the router e.g.:
    • Incoming port 9981
    • to receiver Port 9981
    • You can test this now by trying to reach the webinterface via the external address e.g. https://test.dynvpn.de:9981 (here the webinterface should appear)
    • Example configuration of the firewall in the Fritzbox:
      • Port release active for other applications
      • Names TVheadend Release
      • Protocol: TCP
      • from port: 9981 to port 9981
      • to Computer TVheadend
      • to port: 9981