Notifications on TV

Notifications for Android TV

Forward notifications from your mobile device to your Android TV screen

Show incoming calls

Shows incoming calls so you don't miss any important call even when wearing a headset

Show Images

Displays images from the notification on TV (if an image is included in the notification and the app supports it)

Premium Support

Contact me here and you will usually receive a response the same day. Or use the extensive FAQ-page to get answers.

Use it free of charge

You can use the free version. Within the first 2 days all functions are unlocked. Afterwards you can continue to use it. If you like the app you can purchase the premium version. You pay only once and get all future updates for free. Furthermore, the app can be used on all compatible Android devices with the same account.

Notifications for Android TV

  • Limited settings after 2 days
  • Notifications to purchase
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Notifications for Android TV Premium

  • No ads
  • Unlimited settings
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